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  • Chemistry
    • Bond Polarity
      • bonds between the same element are always non-polar
      • bonds between the same element may be polar
      • electron distribution is not always the symmetrical
    • Hydrogen Bonds
      • A type of intermolecular force
      • only occurs between hydrogen atoms bonded to highly electronegative atom
      • can occur between molecules and in the same molecules
      • weak in comparison to other IMF
    • Bonds
      • Covalent
        • non metal non metal
        • sharing of electrons
        • don't conduct electrons
        • Drawn as above
      • Ionic
        • Electrons are donated
        • Held together by electrostatic attraction in a lattice
        • Drawn in square brackets (as below)
        • conduct electricity when dissolved due to free electrons
        • metal to non metal
      • Metallic
        • metal to metal
        • conduct electricity due to 'sea of electrons'
        • held together by the metal ions attraction to the electrons


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