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  • Bonding and structure
    • Ionic bond (Between metals and non metals
      • A giant structure
      • Melting point is usually high as it needs more energy to overcome the bonds.
      • Does not conduct electricity when solid but will do when molten or dissolved in water as the ions are free to move.
      • An example in sodium chloride.
    • Covalent bonding (in non metals)
      • Small molecules. Simple molecular
      • Low melting points
      • Does not conduct electricity.
      • An example is water.
    • covalent (in non-metals)
      • Cannot conduct electricity except graphite which has free electrons.
      • High
      • Diamond, graphite are examples.
      • Giant molecules
    • Metallic (in metals)
      • High melting point
      • Conducts electricity due to free electrons.
      • Giant metallic structure
      • Examples are zinc and copper.


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