metals and their uses

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  • iron from blast furnace contains 96% iron
    - impurities make it brittle -> limited uses
  • most iron is converted into steel
    - steel is an alloy - mixture of iron with carbon
    - alloys can be designed to have properties for specific uses
    - low carbon steels are easily shaped, high carbon steels are hard and stainless steels are resistant to corrosion
  • pure copper, gold, iron and aluminium are too soft for everyday use so are mixed with other metals to make them harder 

extracting metals

  • ores contain enough metal to make it economical to extract the metal
  • ores are mined and may be concentrated before the metal is extracted and purified
  • unreactive metals i.e. gold are found in the earth as the metal itself but most are found as compounds that require chemical reactions to extract the metal
  • metals less reactive than carbon can be extracted from their oxides by reduction (removal of oxygen)
    - carbon can only take the oxygen away from metals which are less reactive than carbon itself
  • metals more…


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