Oxidation and Reduction

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  • Oxidation and Reduction
    • Oxidation is the addition of oxygen to an element or compound
    • Reduction is the removal of oxygen from a compound
    • Most ore's are oxides of metals
      • To extract the metal, the metal oxide must lose oxygen - the metal oxide must be reduced
        • The reduction can be done by heating with carbon or electrolysis, depending on the reactivity of the metal
    • Most metals corrode - the corrosion of iron is called rusting
      • Corrosion nearly always involves the reaction of the metal with oxygen in the air - this is oxidation
      • Using a coating of some sort (oil or paint) can slow down the rate of corrosion
    • Metals high in the reactivity series corrode very easily; metal lower down don't
      • Which explains why gold can be found uncombined in some places


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