Properties of Metals

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  • Properties of metals
    • Metals form giant structures in which electrons in the outer shells of the metal atoms are free to move
    • Metals are good conductors of electricity and heat because the free electrons carry charge or heat through the metal
      • The free electrons allow metal atoms to slide over each other, so metals are malleable and ductile
    • Metallic bonds are strong, so metals can maintain a regular structure and usually have high melting and boiling points
    • Some examples os uses for metals:
      • Aluminium is used to make aircrafts because it has low density
      • Gold is used to make jewellery because it's attractive and unreactive.
      • Copper is a good electrical inductor and is ductile, It's also used to make water pipes because it's malleable and does not react with water
      • Steel is used in construction because it's strong and relatively cheap


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