Media influences on antisocial behaviour

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OBSERVATIONAL LEARNING- Antisocial acts shown by media models are observed, and subsequently immitated. This is more likely if the anti social acts are successful at achieving the models objectives. The observer must also be able to identify with the model to increase liklihood of immitation.

COGNITIVE PRIMING- Observation of antisocial behaviour leads to storing of scripts in the memory of anti social behaviour. The scripts are then acitvated if there are environmental cues, leading to antisocial behaviour.

DESENSITISATION- Normally anxiety about violence inhibits its use. Peristent exposure to antisocial behaviour such as violence in the media leads to decreased arousal and anxiety about violence and therefore can lead to desensitisation and causes the individual to view it as normal. Increasing antisocial behaviour.


Banduras BoBo study demonstrates how observation of…


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