Maude Clare by Rossetti

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  • criticism of institution of marriage
  • challenge to patriarchal society
  • following/breaking your heart- highlighting that men can do whatever before marriage- still be pale/inward- women then considered outcasts
  • nature- romance, refuge, simplicity
  • revenge
  • victorian society repressing emotions and true love
  • statuses, inequalities, hierarchy in society
  • change between generations- older values
  • ballad form- beginning, middle, end- inevitability- only way to express feelings- putting forward strong emotions- warning
  • story- cannot be accused of spreading rumours in society- stories easily exaggerated
  • representing the outsider
  • poem named after who it is directed at
  • anonymous narrator- does not wish to be pitied- only an onlooker- no attention drawn
  • third person narrator- opinion for Maude Clare- named in first stanza- lord and Nell indicated by pronouns
  • village- supposed safety and security- church- religious
  • similes- character contrast- 'maid'- 'queen'- opposite to position at wedding
  • female voices- dominate- first direct speech- power over men- matriarchal
  • mother- voice of past- experience- reference to father- strange as not there- wedding day
  • Nell- humbler name- innocent victim- 'pale' repetition- purity- strife- beauty- anxiety- may not get off to good start
  • 'pale'- different connotations…




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