Marxist Views on Globalisation


Globalisation – Marxist Views

Marxists are cultural pessimists, they view social media as being negative.

“Digital communication benefits capitalism”
> Spreads propaganda – islamophobia, fear mongering
> Creates social inequality, Digital divide – those who have and those who don’t
> Advertising
> Controls behaviour of the masses – censorship
> Distraction tool – each FB visit is average 20 mins long
> Promotes cultural imperialism, creates false needs

 Adorno ‘Dialectic of Enlightenment’ (1944)
> Argues that mass media tend to encourage pop culture
> Brainwashes people into becoming docile and obedient, conforming to the masses despite financial situation/implications
> This is a main reason that class consciousness and a further revolution has not happened
> Allows people to have a voice and actively challenge – online petitions, social action campaigns

Garside (2014)
> The average adult spends 8hrs 41 minutes communication or consuming media and 8hrs and 21 minutes asleep
> Capitalists have more opportunities to distract from inequality
> Everything costs money – internet, phones, charging electronics
> Argues it create false class consciousness and distracts us
> Helps to build class consciousness, media gives us knowledge of inequality and expoitation

> The idea that the world is dominated by US culture – food, technology, politics, ect
> Growth of MNC’s can be accountable as these companies spread their influence on the world
> Can argue that the growth of digital communication further contributes towards Americanisation
> Positive – provides jobs in under-developed countries to boost economy

John Pilger – New rulers of the world (2001)
> Argues that MNC’s are now the new rulers…


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