Marxist Theory of the Family

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•Marx argues that the structure of society was based on conflict between 2 classes:

-bourgeoisie: the ruling class that own the land and factories so the mean of production.

-proletariat: work for the bourgeoisie, making them richer however they earn very little.

•Since the proletariat do not own their own means of production they sell their labour power to the bourgeoisie for a wage.

Karl Marx pointed out that the different interests of the ruling class and the working class created class conflict. The ruling class wanted profit while the working class wanted higher wages.

• The bourgeoisie are referred to as the ruling class due to the amount of power, status and influence they held within society. They controlled the workforce and therefore the government had to keep them happy or risk high unemployment levels and lose investments.

Gramsci (1891-1937): argued that the ruling class were so powerful because they controlled ideology within society and not being challenged seriously enough.

Marx argued that the working class suffers from a failure to realise they are being exploited and instead go about their lives in a "brainwashed" state whereby they believe they are living a reasonable life. (False class consciousness).

•institutions of the family > reproduces social inequality over…




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