Martin Luther Kings importance to the Civil act movement?

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Martin Luther King Jr was working as a pestor at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery.  He become well known for his organaisation of the non-violent bus boycott.  He later became a national figure in the civil rights moevement after his famouse "I dreamed a dream" speech in Washington in 1963.  He got abuse from people like Malcohm X who called him a white mans lackey and many white people said he was advocating violence.  Some of his methords failed like Albany but he learnt from it to help create successful events.  

civil rights were an importnant national issue at the time of president Kenedy's assassination in November 1963.  The new president Lydon Johnson made it clear he would support the voting reform.  In July 1964 the civil rights act was pased.  This meant rational discrimination was outlawed in employment, entertainment and agencies.  Schools had to be desedrigated if they were to receive any public funding, only private groups could be of one race and an equal employment opportunity commision was set up to investigate complaints.  



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