GCSE Edexcel 9-1 History: Washington Peace March facts

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  • The March on Washington
    • Events
      • 28th August 1963
      • At the White House and Congress
      • 250,000 people took part
      • 40,000 whites took part
      • Non-violent, direct action
      • Civil rights activists made speeches
        • Martin Luther King performed his "I have a dream" speech
    • Causes
      • To add increased pressure on Congress to pass a Civil Rights bill
      • People wanted a change after the violent events in Birmingham
      • More people were wanting a change in the treatment of black
    • Significance
      • Showed huge civil rights support nationwide
      • Broadcast live on TV worldwide
      • Gained more support for civil rights
      • Confirmed Martin Luther King as the leader of the civil rights movement
      • Blacks and whites protested together
      • Contributed to the passing of the Civil Rights Act on 2nd July 1964


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