Managers, leaders and decision making



Anyone who has an effect on and is affected by the activities of the organisation.


  • Those directly involved with the organisation
  • These have the power to influence decisions


  • These are indirectly affected by the organisations actions.

Key Stakeholders

  • These are stakeholders who have a significant influence on or important within the organisation.

Stakeholder Mapping

1) Low interest and power e.g.Shareholders with less than £750 invested in the company

2) High interest and low power e.g. Stakeholders such as shop floor workers

3) Low interest and high power e.g.electricity provider

4) High power and high interest e.g. banks to whom the business owe power too.

The level of interest v power in the organisation will depend on the following

Power depends on

  • Status within the organisation
  • Managers claim on resources e.g. SIze of budget
  • Volume of business with the organisation (external)
  • Level of engagement in decision making

Interest depends on

  • If the stakeholder has


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