leadership styles

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  • Tannenbaum and Schmidt Continuum and The Blake Mouton Grid
    • Task (9,1)
      • focused on task-orientation. As the production is the leader’s focal point of attention, he forgets and neglects the well being of the employees. This leader is authoritative and he exerts disciplinary pressure
    • Team (9,9)
      • employees form a close-knit team and work together on the execution of objectives. The leader has got a lot respect for his employees and enthuses and motivates them
    • Middle of the road (5,5)
      • maintains a balance between the needs of the people and the production and the leader scores an average mark on both criteria
    • Country Club (1,9)
      • high concern for people but a low concern for production. In this style of leadership, leaders just want to be ‘liked‘ by their employees and they do not want to come across as too authoritarian
    • Joins
      • Leader defines the problem and passes on the solving & decision-making to the group (which manager is part of)
    • Sells
      • Leader still makes decision, but attempts to overcome resistance through discussion & persuasion
    • Consults
      • Leader identifies problem and presents it to the group. Listens to advice and suggestions before making a decision
    • Tells
      • Leader identifies problems, makes decision and announces to subordinates; expects implementation
    • Impoverished (1,1)
      • little or no concern for production and little or no concern for the employee. When the leader does not wish to engage with his employees and lets them muddle on, this is a bad leadership style


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