Lukes Gospel- Biblical Criticism



  • Views the evangelists as story tellers & the gospels as stories
  • Explores the text in its final form
  • Analyses the Gospels as stories with narrative feautures such as structure, setting, plot, characters, audience and themes


Author & Reader

  • Narrative critics distinguish between the real and implied author of the text
  • Real author is the actual person who wrote the text e.g Luke
  • Implied author is what we can find out about the author using the text alone e.g Lukes values and perspectives
  • N C also distinguishes between the real and implied reader of the text
  • The real reader is who the text is written for e.g Theophilus
  • The implied reader is everyone else who reads the text e.g universalism


  • Setting of a story may be temporal
  • Physical/ spatial (happening in different places)
  • Social & Cultural (Where the story is set and why)


  • Characterisation refers to how characters are portrayed in the narrative and how this is achieved through the authors own description
  • designed to influence the readers response, evoking sympathy for some characters


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