Lucentio Character Study

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- A young man in love with Bianca Minola, who disguises himself as 'Cambio' (a music teacher) to court her. He originally travelled to Padua in search of more academic opportunities, but immediately falls for Bianca when seeing her sister cause a commotion in town. 

AO4: Cambio = 'exchange', allusion to his disguise and also reflects money's importance in the play. 

Seen as a typically conventional lover, Lucentio's initial plans to study in Padua are forgotten upon seeing Baptista Minola's daughter, Bianca; instantly in love with her beauty and obedient demeanor, he and his servant Tranio concoct a plan to marry the two of them. He explains his apparent 'love' for Bianca in an expectedly dramatic manner, praising her and referring to classical goddesses in his plight to make her his own. How lovely. 

Some Quotes: 

  • 'Thou mayst hear Minerva speak.' - Minerva being the Roman goddess of wisdom, 'Athena' in Greek mythology. Could be praising her for her intellect, but is more likely to be comparing her to Katherina; one is a goddess, the other dubbed a 'devil'. 
  • 'I found the effect of love-in-idleness' - A flower more commonly known as a pansy. A popular interpretation of the flower is that it was once a pure white colour, until being struck by Cupid's arrow and gaining


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