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    • Gender Differences
      • Gender determines everything, including values and the ways language is used
      • All views must be respected as equally valid
      • Differing viewpoints and topics from which men and women write must be noted
    • Power Dynamics
      • Social, economic, and political exploitation of women must be noted and confronted
      • Division of labor and economics between men and women in the work being studied
      • How male and female characters in the work interact with one another in a variety of contexts
    • the Female Experience
      • Examining what aspects of feminine life are included in the work
      • All evidence of feminine nurture, healing, life giving and restoring are examined
      • Explore concept that men and women are each incomplete without the other
      • Rejects any application of male standards to the female personality
      • How does the narrator plot events and other characters
      • Presentation of female stereotypes


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