Lord of the flies, breakdown of order

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Lord of the Flies – timed essay notes.

How does Golding portray the breakdown of order on the island and who or what do you think is responsible for it?


  • Civilisation and the gradual loss of it (breakdown of order) is pretty much the main theme of lord of the flies. It is a combination of all of Golding’s unique writing effects and the major themes of the novel in which he creates the gradual breakdown of order.


Writer’s craft/effect

  • Uses animal imagery- shows how inhuman they become- this inhumanity is one cause of the break down of order. Animal imagery not just used to describe boys breakdown of order but also the fire. This


  • Names – The names that are used in the book are important – “children” at start and meet at an “assembly”. By end of book “ the tribe” and savage”, when the captain sees them they are “little boys” again. This technique employed by Golding makes it clear to the reader that there is a break down of order.


  • Language- Boys language changes (becomes fowler) as their society does. “Wizard”-“ Bloody”- ********”


  • Descriptive language helps create the powerful atmosphere at


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