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Themes in Lord of the Flies

The Conch
It is the conch that brings the boys together on the island
Linked to Piggy, both represent democracy and order- when Piggy dies, the conch also breaks
The conch also represents civilisation and knowledge- it is because of his Auntie that Piggy…

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Themes in Lord of the Flies

Civilisation (Law and Order)
The conch is a symbol of civilisation and order
The loss of civilisation is one of the main themes throughout the book
Animal imagery used to show how inhuman they become "ape like"
The names used to describe the boys…

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Themes in Lord of the Flies

Rules of society held the boys back from savagery at first
It first becomes apparent in chapter 3 when Jack is hunting "Except for a pair of tattered shorts held
up by his belt he was naked"- It is the longing for meat which…

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Themes in Lord of the Flies

The Loss of Innocence
The loss of innocence is portrayed by the changing appearance of the boys, they begin in their school
uniforms, but slowly lose these as they lose their innocence and become savages
The conch also reflects the loss of innocence of…

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Themes in Lord of the Flies

Simon is strongly linked to God and Christianity- his name is Simon- one of Jesus' 12 apostles, and
`Lord of the Flies' literally translates to mean Beelzebub aka. The devil tempts and taunts Jesus much
like the Lord of the Flies taunts…


Paul Dutton


An excellent resource focussing on the themes in the novel. Very detailed.

Ishani Dutta


This is exactly what I needed. Great detail with analysis and evaluation.

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