• Rothermere and Beaverbrook were worried about communism and the rise of the Labour Party.

  • October 25th 1924 - Daily Mail ran the headline "Civil War Plot by Socialists".

  • The article exposed the telegram supposedly sent by Grigory Zinoviev, leader of the Communist Party in GB which praised the labour policy of reorganising Soviet Russia. 

  • Despite the fact the Daily Mail had known of the letter since 15th September - the letter was published just four days before the general election so it would have maximum impact on Labour support.

  • The telegram was exposed as fake in 1928 (written by White Russian enemies of. communism).

  • Following a landslide Conservative victory in the 1924 election - Beaverbrook sent a telegram to Rothermere congratulating him with "You have made the new Baldwin ministry. Now control it if you can".

  • Rotheremere tried this as seen in a 1929 letter to a conservative MP , "I will not support Baldwin unless I know what his policy is going to be". 

  • Baldwin read the letter out at a Conservative meeting June 1930 and called it an insolent demand. 

  • Neither Rothermere or Beaverbrook were able to control Baldwin, despite the flow of unfavourable press directed towards him. 

  • They grew to despise the conservative party leader and blamed his lacklustre "Safety Campaign" for losing to labour in 1929.


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