Linking contextual factors to themes

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Tensions between society and the outsider 

NLMG: Pope Francis said that medical research should not try and "manipulate" human beings--> it's a sign of arrogance --> the Vatican condemned it and compared it to experiments carried out by Nazis in WWII

TWOTW: The British colonisation of Tasmania took place between 1803 and 1830--> they were viewed as savages because of their cultural differences

Effects of scientific advancement on people of different backgrounds

NLMG: organ replacement--> helps people live longer--> people get scared because it could possibly create a superior race--> no guarantee that the first cloned humans are going to be normal

TWOTW: Technological + scientific advancement was increasing in Victorian times--> alongside this there was an increase in secularisation--> people no longer turned to faith to solve their problems

How setting is used

NLMG: there are 3 main institutional settings- Hailsham/the cottages/ recovery centres in Dover--> Hailsham represents the strict Boarding schools with set rules and regulations--> the Cottages were 'the remains of a farm'- this hints towards scientific advancement and aspects…


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