Limestone and Building Materials (C1)

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Limestone and its Uses:

Limestone is mainly calcium carbonate (CaCo3) and it can be used for many different things. Limestone can be used to make mortar, concrete, glass and cement also to neutralise acid in lakes and land as well as purifying iron in blast furnaces and being an ingredient in toothpaste. 

Calcium Oxcide + Powdered clay + Water = Cement

Cement + Sand + Water =Mortar

Cement + Sand + Aggregate + Water = Concrete

  • Below is a diagram of the 'limestone cycle':



Limestone (Calcium Carbonate) can be used for buildings and neutralising excess acid it is also the start ingredient for making cement, concrete and glass.

Quick Lime (Calcium Oxide) is made through the thermal decomposition of Calcium Carbonate in a rotary lime kiln


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