Light Dependent Reactions

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  • Created on: 21-04-13 20:52
  • Light hits the plant
  • Photons excite the electrons in Photosystem II
  • The electrons enter the ETC
  • They go to a series of electron carriers: PQ, b6-f, and Pc
  • Pc passes the electrons to Photosystem I
  • Photolysis occurs as this is happening! --> Water splits apart into two electrons, two protons, and one oxygen atom
  • Two oxygen atoms become an O2 molecule and exit as a waste product
  • The two electrons replace the electrons lost
  • The protons are pumped by the thylakoid membrane and accumulate inside the thylakoid, so there are more protons inside the thylakoid than outside
  • The thylakoid membrane is not permeable to protons
  • This causes an electrochemical gradient, AKA a concentration gradient…


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