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  • Photosynthes-is
    • Define photosynthesis?
      • Photosynthesis is the chemical process which takes place in the leaves of plants. Its the first step for making food not only for plants for humans too.
      • During photosynthesis, carbon dioxide and water are converted into glucose and oxygen. The reaction requires light energy absorbed by a green substance called chlorophyll
    • Whats the equation for photosynthesis?
      • carbon dioxide + water (+ light energy)    ?    glucose + oxygen
        • 'Light energy' is shown in brackets because it is not a substance.
    • What is the symbol equation for photosynthesis?
    • What happens as the light intensity increases or decreases?
      • As the light intensity increases it speeds up photosynthesis. Therefore as the light intensity decreases the speed of photosynthesis decreases.


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