Light Independent Reaction Of Photosynthesis

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Light-Independent Reaction:


  • Second stage of photosynthesis
  • Occurs in the stroma of chloroplasts
  • Products of the light-dependent stage (ATP and Reduced NADP) and CO2 are used to synthesise organic molecules
  • Calvin Cycle:

- Does not require light energy, however, it does depend on products of the light-dependent stage


  • CO2 from the atmosphere diffuses into the leaf via the stomata
  • CO2 diffuses across the plant cell wall, chloroplast envelope and into the stroma
  • Carbon dioxide combines with the 5 carbon compound ribulose bisphosphate (RuBp) 

- Reaction catalysed by the enzyme RuBisCo. The reaction causes RuBp to be carboxylated - forms an…


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