Life Under Nazi Germany

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Life In Nazi Germany 

What Did The Nazis Stand For in the 1920s? 

  • They wanted to abolish The Treaty Of Versailles 
  • Nationalise large industries 
  • Remove non-true Germans (gypsies, jews, blacks) 
  • The belief in one person being leader

Once Hitler was released from prison he published his book 'Mein kampf' (my struggle) this showed his anti-semitic ideas, how germany needed a re-birth and his preaching of the Aryan race.

After prison he also:

  • Decided that the Nazis needed to be in the reichstag 

In 1929 the Nazis stood for election for the first time and won 6 seats in the Reichstag. Hitler also set up the Hitler Yuuuf and the Nazi Students League 

The Nazis Rise to Power

By 1928 the Nazis were becoming well known, However:

  • They only had 3% of the poulation voting for them 
  • They were the 8th most popular party
  • Only got 800 000 votes 

By July 1932 the Nazis were the most popular party in Germany. 

On the 30th January 1933 Hitler became Chancellor (the second highest position in Germnay) 

This was caused by Fear of Communism, Public Unrest With The Government and The Great Depression

By 1933 there were over 6 million unemployed, by bringing Hitler into the Chancellor role many Germans had restored confidence that the unemployment problem could be solved.

The Reichstag Fire

By February the communists were looking as if they would get more seats than the Nazis. 

On Feb 22nd the Reichstag building caught fire nd burnt down, the Nazi police turned


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