How Nazi Germany Coped with War

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  • How Nazi Germany Coped with War
    • Early Stages of War
      • Pure Aryans encouraged to move to new territories.
      • The ** looted countries.
      • Germans surprised by war outbreak.
      • Germans felt the impact of war.
    • The Tide Turns
      • Attack went well at first.
      • Hitler turned forces on U**R in 1941.
      • U**R forces drove Germany back.
    • The Nazi War Effort
      • Serious food shortages.
      • Germans bombarded by propaganda.
      • The ** became increasingly powerful.
      • The state began to control life.
      • Housing shortage.
    • July Bomb Plot
      • Von Staffenburg and approx 5000 others executed.
      • Bomb exploded and Hitler survived.
      • Von Staffenburg planted a bomb under a table.
      • Some army officers tried to kill Hitler.
    • Defeat
      • Germany surrendered.
      • Hitler killed himself.
      • Soviet, Brits & American troops closed in.
      • By 1945 it became clear they were losing.
      • Germany left with the cost of Hitler's vison.


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