Legal Profession - Work of Solicitors and Barristers

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Solicitors work

  • Over 100,000 solicitors in UK who are supervised and represented by Law Society
  • Private practice in a solicitors firm, this is where majority are, 8700 firms
  • Sole Practitioner (rare) - very specialised e.g. simply conveyancing
  • For an existing partnership - small firm, several kinds of work, criminal family
    • Interviewing clients
    • Negotiating on their behalf
      • writing letters
      • drafting contracts
      • drawing up wills
  • Existing partnership (large firm, no limit to number of partners even > 100)
  • CPS - Prosecution criminal actions in court
  • Local government - land law, employment law
  • National government department - education law, educational law
  • Legal advisers in commerce/industry - business law
  • Conveyancing
  • Advocacy
    • Can speak in magistrates and county courts
    • Can now speak in high court
    • Can appear in higher courts if they gain certificate of advocacy
    • Be appointed QC
  • Multi-Discipline Partnerships
    • Solicitors may form partnershi[s with e.g. accountants
    • Allowed by law but only recently in Legal services bill 2006 by Bar Council and…


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