Leech's Maxims

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Leech's politeness maxims:

1. Tact

2. Genorosity

3. Approbation

4. Modesty

5. Agreement

6. Sympathy

1. Tact

Essentially, the Tact maxim is used to minimize the bad things and maximize the good things, with respect to the person you are talking to. 

Eg: 'Could I interrupt you for a second? If I could just clarify this then.'

Negative politeness strategy- 'Could I interrupt you for a second?' 

Positive politeness strategy-  'If I could just clarify this then'

This Maxim minimises the imposition and maximises attending to what the hearer wants.

2. Generosity

This maxim, unlike Tact, does not address the hearer, rather, it focuses on the speaker. It minimizes the benefit, and maximizes the cost with respect to the person speaking.

Eg: 'You relax and let me do the dishes.'

Basically, in a nutshell, the Generosity Maxim states that others should be put first instead of yourself.

3. Approbation

Perhaps the most well used maxim, Approbation states to minimize the expression of dispraise and maximize the expression of praise with respect to the hearer. Basically, this maxim is the 'praise' maxim. And if we


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