the three areas

  • external world
  • morality
  • God

types of knowledge

belief in 

  • i belief philosophy is a good subject
  • subjective
  • matter of opinion
  • cannot get absolute knowledge from this

belief that

  • i belief that philosophy begins with a P
  • objective
  • fact
  • reasoning

what is knowledge??

tripartite definition- Plato

  • belief 
  • truth  
  • justification 

(belief and truth go hand in hand as you cannot belief something without believing it to be true)

i believe that P is the same as Y, i believe this statement to be true, i can justify this with an adequate justification that P is the same as Y


intentional belief


when i was younger i thought the tooth fairy existed i believed this was true and had justification through my parents who told me. i thought this was a good authoritative justification. could one be mistaken like this in another situation.

robber and the watch- justification is not needed for knowledge

thee needs to be a fourth condition to complete the knowledge

infinite regress with justification, cause my text book said, cause my teacher said.... this is why we cannot fall on God for knowledge as Descartes does

the fourth condition

my justification cannot be defeated by the facts, it is indefeasible, If true indefeasible justified belief is the case then…


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