key points on rocks, metals and building

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atoms, elements and compunds

  • all substances are made up of atoms
  • elements contain only one types of atom
  • different atoms can bond together by giving, taking or sharing electrons to form compunds

limestone and its uses

  • limestone is mainly made of calcuim carbonate
  • limestone is widely used in building
  • limestone breaks down when its heated strongly (thermal decomposition) to make quicklime and carbon dioxide

decomposing carbonates

  • some carbonates decompose when they are heated in a bunsen flame
  • there is the same number of atoms in each side of a blalnced chemical equation
  • the mass of reactants is the same as the mass of the products in a chemical reaction

quicklime and slaked lime

  • when water is added to quicklime it produces slaked lime
  • lime mortar is made by mixing slaked lime with sand and then adding water

cement concrete and glass

  • cement is made by heating limestone with clay in a kiln
  • concrete is made by mixing chrushed rocks, cement and sand with water
  • glass is made by strongly heating powdered limestone, sand and sodium carbonate together.

extracting metals


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