1.3 chapter 1

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Normative ethics

  • was prevalent until the end of 19th century. It begins by asking what things are good and what things are bad, and what kind of behaviour is right and wrong.
  •  decides how people ought to act, how moral choices should be made and apply.
  • these decisions may come from an established group or culture, such as the Christian tradition, or they may be based on some philosophical or ideological way of thinking of thinking.
  • this is the traditional way of doing ethics,
  • a normative ethical question question would be 'Is sex before marriage right?'.

Descriptive ethics

  • describes and compares the different ways in which people and societies have answered moral questions. 
  • can be described as moral sociology or moral anthropology.
  • example: 'what do the Christian and Muslim traditions believe about sex before marriage?'

Meta-ethics/philosophical ethics

  • explores the meaning and function of moral language.
  • examples: 'What do we mean when we…


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