Jesus in Gethsemane

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Jesus in Gethsemane - Why is it important to Christians?

Many Christians believe they can relate to Jesus in this story. He knew what awaited him and was terrified - he didn't want to die and particularly not by painful crucifixion. For any Christian facing persecution, the story might be a source of encouragement. It showed that it wasn't wrong to be afraid and that what mattered most was trust in, and obedience to, God.

Many Christians can also relate to Peter, James and John. Jesus didn't their support and, although they wanted to give it, they could not (they kept falling asleep). This might have inspired Mark's readers to not despair if their faith failed them during persecution.

The Crucifixion

Crucifixion was an inhumane and humiliating form of killing, intended to defer others from offending. It was very slow and painful. Typically, the perpetrator would be beaten and then would carry the crossbean to the place of execution, which was always a public place. Details of the offence committed would be put on the cross for all to see.

Mark must have received his information about the cruxification from someone present, possibly the women. His account is in three parts: the process of cruxification; the taunts of those who saw Jesus; and the final moments leading up to and following his death.

The Process of Cruxifixion

Jesus had experienced the emotional trauma of being betrayed and deserted by his friends as well as two trials. He was beaten twice by the Roman soldiers so unsurprising, he found the weight of carrying the cross too much. Therefore, a passer-by, Simon from Cyrene in North Africa, was asked to carry it to the palce of Cruxifixion - Golgotha (meaning The Place of…


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