Gethsemane Jesus' prayers

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Gethsemane Jesus' prayers

Why might this passage causes problems for Chrisitan today?

  • How could God the Son be 'deeply distressed and troubled' - surely Jesus shouldn't feel this way?
  • Why would Jesus ask God to tke this cup away from him? Did he not trust his father, God?
  • If He had to ask questions of God anyway perhaps Jesus is not God?
  • The disciples fall asleep when Jesus needs them most. Not very promising for people like Peter - the first Pope!
  • Jesus said, "Not what I will, but what you will" - doesn't this suggest that Jesus was sperate from God rather than part of the Trinity. 


- Shows Jesus' humanity and his divinity (being God)

As GOD: He knew death awaited him.

As HUMAN: He anticipated the tortutre He would face at hands of Roman guards before death.

Human agonies of despair, fear, tiredness and even trying to avoid suffering if possible.

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Gethsemane Jesus' prayers part 2

Jesus prayed, he said "Abba" Aramaic word for father

In Jesus' time, most Jewish people would find this disrespectful way to speak to God.


Gethsemane became place Jesus accepted his mission to the world involved suffering and death.

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