Italian Unification - 1850-1871

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Il Risorgimento - 1850-1871

The Unification Progress between 1850 and 1860

  • 1852 - Cavour elected as Prime Minister of Piedmont-Sardinia
  • * Cavour had the intention upon election to modernise his nation; between 1852 and 1860 there was a 300% increase in foreign trade and over 800km of railway constructed.
  • * His actions and reforms led to more support of a Piedmontese-style Italy
  • 1853 - The Crimean War breaks out
  • * Russia vs. Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire, and Piedmont-Sardinia (Austria does not join, thus alienating her from Russia, who previously helped her in 1848)
  • * Piedmont only joins as a tour de force, or a show of strength
  • 1856 - Russia surrenders
  • 1856 - Congress of Paris
  • * Piedmont-Sardinia is given a seat at the Congress
  • * Cavour begins talks with Napoléon III, a former member of the Carbonari, about the future of Italy
  • 1858 - Orsini Bomb assassination attempt
  • * Attempt to kill Napoléon III 
  • * Napoléon III responds to the event by stating that he "wants to do something for Italy"
  • * Cavour meets him again at Plombiéres
  • * At the meeting they agree that they shall go to war alongside one another against Austria
  • * They also agree that France shall get the Savoy region if Austria is defeated


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