German Unification 1850-87

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German Unification - 1849-87

            King Frederick William IV of Prussia rejects the Constitution that called for a united Germany under Prussian Kaiser with a bicameral Parliament
            -It was too associated with the Revolutionaries 
            -It was not put forward by powerful people –will not accept “crown from a gutter”        
            The Frankfurt Parliament is forcefully dispersed

1852              Treaty of London
            -Schleswig-Holstein are under Denmark's authority, but not a part of Denmark. Denmark is not allowed to absorb the twin Duchies.

            Prussia declares neutrality in the Crimean War (vaguely supports the Anti-Russian Austria)

            Bismarck states that he resents the Metternich System because it purposely makes Prussia inferior to Austria
            Christian IX of Denmark claims Schleswig-Holstein
            Prussia declares war on Denmark
                        -Austria joins in to 'look good' to the German population

            Prussian-Danish War ends
                        -Prussia gets Schleswig and Austria gets Holstein
            Bismarck declares the reorganization of the German Confederation without Austria

            von Moltke wants to invade Austria, but Bismarck does not as he wants a quick peace with them so he can win their support in fighting France
            Military alliance with Piedmont
            -If Piedmont joins Prussia in war against Austria and win, they will get Venetia

            Military alliance with France
            -France will get Venetia if they stay neutral in the war with Austria
            -Vague hints about maybe giving France land in the Rhineland or possibly supporting the Doctrine of Nationalities whereas it concerns Belgium -known as the "Belgium Document"
             3 May
            Thiers (French Prime minister under Louis-Philippe (Reigned 1830-48). Thiers never took office under Napoléon III, but as of 1863 was a very prominent conservative


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