Cultural Bias

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Culture Bias is when we judge certain behaviours from our own viewpoints, and by doing this anything which deviates against this we label 'abormal', which is not the case. Within different culture there are diffeent socially accepted behaviours for example, in an African Culture it is nomal to be able to speak to deceased ancestors. 


Ethnocentrism in Psychology is viewing the world only from one's own cultural perspective, and believing that this persecptive is 'normal' and anything else is 'abnormal'. 

Cultural Relativism 

Cultural Relativism in Psychology is the OPPOSITE of ethnocentrism. Cultural Relativism emphasises that all culturals are worthy of respect and that we need to try and understand different ways different cultures percieve the world. John Berry said that psychologists need to be more mindful of cultural relativism in their research moving forward. 


If a theory is thought to be universal, this means it…


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