Social influence studies with issues and debates

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  • Issues and debates on social influence
    • Deutsch and Gerard (ISI and NSI)- Reductionism, Determinism, Nomothetic
      • Lucas- Culture bias, Determinism and Nomothetic
    • Asch's research- Gender and culture bias, reductionism, determinism, nomothetic
      • Perrin and Spencer- Culture bias, reductionism, determinism and nomothetic
    • Zimbardo's research- Gender and culture bias, reductionism, determinism and nomothetic
      • Banuazizi and Monavedi-  Holism, Determinism, Nomothetic
    • Milgram's research-  Gender and culture bias,  determinism, Reductionism and nomothetic
      • Sheridan and King-  Determinism, Reductionism, nomothetic
      • Blass and Schmitt- Culture bias,  Holism, Determinism, Nomothetic
    • Adorno- Culture bias, reductionism, determinism, nomothetic
      • Christie and Jahoda-  Culture bias, Determinism, holism, nomothetic
    • Rotter- Reductionism, determinism, nomothetic, nurture
      • Holland- Culture bias, reductionims, determinism, nomothetic
    • Nemeth- Reductionims, determinism, nomothetic


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