Is Eyewitness Testimony Reliable? Article Analysis

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Criminological Psychology - Is Eyewitness Testimony Reliable?

Describe how you went about summarising your articles. (4 marks)

*I heard about the website the Innocence Project viea an online course. and researched into it.

*As I went online for further research about eyewitness testimony I found the New York Times article which contained contrasting information. 

*I read both of these sources to get a detailed insight about eyewitness testimony and get a better understanding. 

*I then highlighted the articles and summarised the key points. 

What was the data used for your study?


*Primary Data - found myself online

*Secondary Data - research already done into it


Both articles mention how laws have followed research findings for examples ways to make line up procedures more secure. This underlines the importance of this key issue as an application of reasearch. One of the articles is a real case study where a man is imprisoned on the basis of eyewitness testimony and released after 10 years on the basis of unreliable testimony.

Description of articles

The Innocence Project:


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