Persuading a jury (notes)

A table of evaluative comments from studies, refernces and statistics and summaries of the following: 

The Effect of Witness Confidence

The Effect of Shields and Videotape with Children’s Evidence

The Effect of Evidence Ruled Inadmissible

The Effect of Testimony Order

The Effect of Expert Witnesses

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Persuading a jury

The Effect of Witness The Effect of Shields The Effect of Evidence The Effect of Testimony The Effect of Expert Witnesses
Confidence and Videotape with Ruled Inadmissible Order
Children's Evidence

Researchers such as Penrod These methods aim Much mock juror Pennington and Hastie's Krauss and Sales (2002)…

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Deffenbacher et al.'s (1986) Ross et al. (1994) Broeder (1959) found Devine and Ostrom (1985) Krauss and Sales (2001)
analysis of 35 tests of the conducted experiments a `boomerang effect' ­ found greater discounting of investigated whether 208 mock
eyewitness to assess the impact of mock jurors awarded an inconsistent…

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After watching the Kassin and Sommers
entire trial ­ the (1997) found mock
modality of child jurors disregarded
testimony had no inadmissible testimony
impact on though unreliable, but
conviction rates. were influenced by
inadmissible evidence
obtained illegally
perhaps because they
wanted a `fair' verdict
regardless of legal


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