Inheritance Keywords

  • secondary succession climax community = climax community which arises from a secondary succession, caused by an environmental change
  • punnet-square diagram = genetic diagram to interpret or predict the result of monohybrid or dihybrid crosses
  • inheritance = study of passing down genes through generations
  • filial = offspring
  • dihybrid inheritance = any one of the two alleles for one characteristic can be inherited with any one of the two alleles for another characteristic on a different chromosome
  • pedigree = homozygous parent
  • autosome = non-sex chromosomes that have linkage groups (humans have 22 pairs)
  • genetic drift = reduces genetic variation randomly (does not necessarily select the best adapted organisms); unpredictable; greater effect in smaller populations; due to chance or random events; fast shifts in allelic frequencies
  • population shrinkage = cyclic fluctuations of reduce-increase on a population, due to biotic and abiotic factors
  • carrying capacity = maximum number of organisms from…


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