3 Inequality

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Inequality - World Development Report 2006

Factors affecting opportunity:race, parent's income and education, urban or rural location, sex. These predetermined background variables will have a major effect on lives. 

Eastern Cape province

  • Black 
  • Poor family
  • 7.2% chance of dying before she's one year old.
  • Life expectancy 50 years
  • Mother had no formal schooling

Cape Town

  • White
  • Wealthy family
  • 3% Chance of dying before he's one year old.
  • Life expectancy 68 years
  • Mother completed college education


  • White
  • Average income
  • 0.3% chance of dying before he's one year old.
  • life expectancy 80 years
  • He will have 11.4 years of schooling himself. Can expect to get 500 in an internationally comparable test where the average south african would get 264.

Improving equity

Greater equity is doubly good for poverty reduction. Through potential beneficial effects on…


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