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Samuel Berner
My passion for economics derives from my travels all over the globe. I have witnessed both the affluence
of Europe and North America, as well as the poverty existing in Sri Lanka and South Africa. Having been
exposed to such a diverse range of economic conditions, I am motivated to pursue a wider understanding
of the International Economy, and the forces that drive such inequalities. A-level Economics has
introduced me to basic macro and micro concepts that I want to build upon through further exploration
of the discipline; an Economics degree being the ideal platform to acquire more complex knowledge. To
strengthen my economic understanding, I regularly read `The Economist', and books such as; Levitt's
`Freakonomics' and Harford's `The Undercover Economist', exposing myself to out-of-the-box economic
ideas as well as displaying how economics exist throughout everyday life.
Furthermore, I have an emphatic interest in Global Markets; in particular, equities trading, due to the
intense technical analysis required to understand the changes in a share price. I keep track of the
financial markets via the Thomson Reuters website, and a subscription to `Daily Outlook' newsletters
from Lloyds Banking Group. In my free time, I run a Bullbearings mock stock portfolio which takes live
feed from the London Stock Exchange. Using this resource, I have learnt about risk management, trading
strategies and how the market reacts to different stimuli.
I have gained work experience in a number of companies, all of which have provided me with different
skills. I completed a stint at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where I shadowed Futures and Options
Traders; enhancing my knowledge of trade related jargon, and informing me of a trader's responsibilities
and job involvements. Also, I spent time at OES London, a Royal Warranted office furniture sales firm. In
this time, I was taken to the offices within Buckingham Palace by the Director of OES, to witness a
business transaction. More recently, I spent two weeks at Aviva Investors, shadowing portfolio managers.
I learnt about the industry and how the portfolio managers spread risk throughout a fund in combination
with what kind of risk different clients are prepared to allow. Additionally, I was taught how to create my
own portfolio with the appropriate amount of risk a client would expect when trying to beat the FTSE100
at a risk level of 2%. Earlier this year, Lloyds Banking Group invited me to spend a week shadowing
traders in Financial Markets and analysts in Capital Markets. During this period, I gained knowledge from
desks throughout the bank, including; Bonds, Risk Management, Credit Sales, Foreign Exchange, Capital
Management and Economic Research. In addition, I spent time with Acquisition Finance, who gave me a
live deal to analyse and make my own decision as to whether I would lend `The Card Factory' money or
not. This task allowed me to refine my analysis skills whilst learning the importance of thorough research;
whilst balancing the rewards of investment against the risk faced by the bank.
I was selected to take an Advanced FSMQ in Additional Maths in my final year of senior school. This led
me to take A-level Mathematics, aiding the development of my problem solving skills that I hope to
enhance during university and throughout working life, in order to cope with the heavy analysis required
for this degree and the majority of jobs in the banking world. Currently, I play Golf off a 16 handicap
which I am resolute in bringing down; a display of determination outside of academia. My perseverance
in school can be evidenced by my being awarded the captaincy for ICT, thus representing a subject in
which over 600 students actively attend. My responsibilities extend to assisting the teaching of Year 9 ICT
students for their Functional Skills exam alongside tutoring GCSE Maths students; requiring patience,
preparation and the ability to present work logically for others to follow.


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