The cold War History IGCSE

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What were the two blocs that were formed at the end of 1949?
countiries under soviet rule and those countries with close relations to the USA
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What is NATO
North Atlantic Treaty organisation. Made in 1949 by the western powers; against communist threat; an alliance
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What did the US believe the soviet union was doing?
spreading communism ideology
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What did Stalin say the soviet union was doing?
protecting the country after the damages of war
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What did Satlin believe the US was doing?
building an economic empire
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What sort of government did America have ?
democratic, multi party free elections capitalist
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What sort of governemnt did the soviets have?
one party, communist
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Why would the soviets fear about attacks from capalist countries>
because they fought with Russia against the communists in 1917 in Russian civil war.
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What was the Nazi Soviet pact?
An agreement signed by Ribbentrop and Molotrov ( Soviet and german Foreign ministers) which led to both countries invading poland in II worl war
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Whay was Soviet-Nazi pact formed?
Stalin believed that Britain and France were happy for Hilter to expand in the East and this contributed to his decision to seek a defensive alliance with Germany in August 1939
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When were the Yalta and Potsdam Conferences?
Yalta- February 1945; Potsdam July 1945
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Who was at Yalta?
Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin
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Who was at Potsdam?
Truman (US), Atlee (GB).Stalin(Russia)
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How can I remember what was agreed at Yalta
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D: Divide Germany into 4 zones
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W;Nazi War Criminals would be hunted down and put on trial in International courts
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E; Eastern europe would be a soviet sphere of influence. ie they would have economic and ppolitical control
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E free Elections incountries freed form german occupation
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B; Berlin would also divide into four zones
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agreed to join the United Nations in order to maintain peace after the war
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Soviet union would join in war against Japan once Germany had surrendered.
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How can I remember what they disagreed about at Yalta?
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Stalin wanted to draw the border of Ploand further West than Chruchill and Roosevelt. He wanted a friendly governemnt on his border. They later agreed.
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Stalin agreed to free elections in Poland but not to help communists in Greece
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Stalin wanted Germany to pay large reparations but Churchill and Roosevelt disagreed.
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How can I remeber what they agreed at Potsdam?
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POland's border to be moved westwards to the rivers Oder and Neisse
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Patricipate fully in the United Nations
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Divide Germany into four zones
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Ban the Nazi Party. nazis are removed from leading positions and war criminals put on trial in Nuremberg in 1946.
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Germany to pay reparations
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free Elections on Germany and a return to democracy. Free press and freedom of speech
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German army to be reduced. Country to be demilitarised.
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Disagreed - three things- GER- number 1- money
Reparations- Stalin wanted large compensation to pay for war damage, Truman worried that Germany would want revenge in the future if this hapened.
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number 2- germany
Stalin wanted to cripple Germany completely. Truman felt this may lead to another war in the future
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number 3- eastern europe
Stalin wanted buffer zone, Truman did not like the fact that Stalin would not hold free elections in Eastern Europe and so started a get tough policy.
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What changed inbetween Yalta and Potsdam? Who died?
Roosevelt died. Truman, his sucessor was inexperienced, he was susoicious of the USSR and believed that Stalin should keep to agreements made at Yalta
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What happened in the war?
Germany surrendered in May 1945
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Who was defeated at an election?
Churchill. He was replaced by the labour leader Attlee
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What about nuclear weapons?
Just before Potsdam truman informed Stalin that USA had successfully tested nuclear weapons. Stalin already knew from his intelligence (spies)
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Who stayed the same?
Stalin- top prioirites still- getting reparations and making sure USSR would not be invaded through eastern europe.
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Breakdown of the USSR-USA alliance in 1945-6- what happened?USA and USSR became very c----------
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What happened to to produce more tension between USSR and USA?
They began an arms race
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Why did they have an arms race?
very competeitive, wnated to be the stronger one, wanted to have the most powerful weapon
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The USSR became powerful in E-------- E-------
Eastern Europe
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What did the USSR do to become influential? 6 things
installed puppet governments in some Eastern European countries. 2. Free speech surpressed.3. non communist oarties were banned. 4. comecon was set up 5. controlled lots of countries. 6. some escaped from soviet grasp.
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What is cominform?
Communist information bureau. It controlled communist parties. It consisted solely of Russian communists
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What is comecon?
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. Set up in 1949. worked to nationalise the states industries and collectivise agriculture
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What was the iron curtain?
a border of soviet controlled states.
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