Ideology, Communism

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Traditionalist: Ideological stance led the Soviet Union to become agressively expanisoinist in order to extend Communist power and undermine capitalism. In turn this compelled the US to adopt a containument policy to prevent the spread of communism. 

Cordination of a wider movement

September 1947 - COMINFORM, to increase Soviet control over Communist Parties. COMECON (economic developement in Eastern Bloc) 1949

1919, Lenin established the Cominform. Endorsed 'world revolution.' Peaceful co-existence was a means to an end for Lenin - aim was the creation of a world socialist state. Revamped version?

Communist expansion - Europe

Molotov: 'our ideology stands for offensive operations when possible.'

Truman: ‘Communism has passed beyond the use of subversion to conquer individual nations.’ 

Despite free elections in Poland 1945, Hungary and Czechoslovakia in 1946

  • Albania January 1946
  • Romania February 1945
  • East Germany. Shot-gun marriage between SDP and KDP to become SED. Socialists eventually perged by October 1949.
  •  Salami Tactics in Hungary


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