How far was the New Deal successful in ending the Depression in the USA?

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The Second Deal New

Between 1933 and 1935 there was a great deal of activity, with many laws being passed. Roosevelt was keen to keep the momentum going, and some of his later laws, from 1935 onwards, have been called the 'Second New deal'. These were often passed in response to critisism he was receiving and, increasingly, they were concerned with working and living conditions and reforming society.

However, the extent of recovery was always limited, because as soon as government spending slackened in 1937 unemployment shot up again.

How effective was the New Deal in achieving its aims?

On a personal level, Roosevelt was hugel successful. He was elected four times as president. In 1936, he won by a landslide - winning all but six of the states at the time, gaining 27,000,000 votes, the highest number ever reached. he managed to appeal to people's sense of belonging as American citizens, and made them feel he understoof their problems.

Criticisms and opposition to the New Deal

The results of the 1936 election showed that the…


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