How did Stalin modernise the USSR?

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The Economic Position in 1928

  • Production on farms and in factories fell as a result of WW1, the Revolution and Civil War.
  • Despite improvements caused by the NEP in the 1920s, Russia was still economically backward compared to the USA, Britain, France and Germany.
  • Stalin decided to take drastic measures.


 Why did Stalin collectivise farming?

  • Inefficient farming - peasants had siezed land during the revolution and most farms were small. They used backward farming methods- little machinery was in use.Once they had themselves, the peasants had little to sell the feed the citites.
  • Some peasants were doing better than others; they grew enough to make profit and buy more land, which was allowed under the NEP. These successful peasants were nicknamed 'Kulaks'.
  • However, there wasn't enough Kulaks to produce sufficent food to feed the growing population of the cities. By 1929 there were food shortages.
  • The NEP allowed private ownership of land and selling crops to make a profit, which contradicted the basic principles of Communism

What was Collectivisation?

  • Stalin wanted to force all the farmers onto collective farms. A collective farm was created by joining together land of many small peasant farms, and it was owned by the government.
  • The peasants worked the land together as a co-operative.
  • The government provided machinery.
  • Each farm had to produce a certain amount of food, which was then sold to the government for a low price- any extra could be kept by peasants or sold.
  • Many peasants, especially the Kulaks, didn't want to…


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