how varied is the theme of family?

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Oedipus - Creon says its his city too but Oedipus is tyrannical

Antigone - Creon places state above everything, as said in the edict, Antigone ignores family (Creon) too by favouring dike over this

Hippolytus - ep 2 exile as well as curse - Theseus quick to react against family

Medea - ep 2 - Jason disregards Medea as power that comes with marrying princess was a sensible match 

Oedipus - treats his subjects in prologue as memebers of own family calls them children - politically bound to protect them - good side to Oedipus

Antigone - Antigone does not let Ismene share credit for burial ep 2

Hippolytus - Phaedra uses her power over Hippolytus to accuse him, to protect her honour

Medea - wants to keep status - ep 1 must not make enemies laugh, granddaughter of sun

Gender division

Oedipus - Disregards Jocasta's advice in ep 4 to stop listening to shepherd


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