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Archaic Kourai
Nikandre dedicated me to the far shooter of arrows, the
excellent daughter of Deinodikes of Naxos, sister of
Deiomenes, wife of Phraxos n(ow)?
- drapes hide the shape of her body.
- standing and quite straight with no movement, static ad
- hair thick locks and they are separate - hair coming in front
so a bit more natural. regular on either side and wider as it
falls from her ears
- slight shape to breasts but very covered
- conservative, she is not voluptuous
- feet don't have toes they are just slab feet.
- band round waist shows hips, but they are very slim
- arms clenched to attach to the body
- silhouette not person
- drapery is completely flat, no attempt to show folds
- great symmetry
Auxerre, 625 BCE
- Good boobs, see her feminine attributes. cinched in waist, give her a
much more hourglass figure.
- very long fingers
- little cape over her collarbones
- very regular hair, checkerboard effect - symmetrical hair(heavy)
- scary smile
- patterns on her drapery, has no shape but there is decoration
- she has toes!

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Goddess in Berlin, 570-560 BCE
Generally believed to represent the goddess Demeter or
Persephone, the figure holds a pomegranate in her right
hand whilst the left draws the top half of her drapery
modestly over her chest. Although the kore is not in the
kouros pose, the statue still has a strong frontal emphasis
due to the method of production which remains the same
for both kouroi and korai. The figure's hair is unrealistic and
loaf-like.…read more

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Kore 675, 530-520 BCE
- Curled as it goes down, wraps round her breasts very natural. Hair
is still regular round her forehead
- Material is really detailed, crimped pattern round her chest on her
- Folds are not uniform, they move with her body they are broader
and sweeping and varied. Wiggly piece of fabric at the hem of her dress
- Paint on her clothes (patterns) and on her jewellery.…read more

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Arms was out - why it was knocked off
Key Themes or Archaic Period
The period is defined by the limitations of the material used by the sculptors.
Sculptors' skills improve throughout the period as they strive to produce realistic statues.
For male statues, the kouros pose provides perhaps the biggest obstacle to achieving realism.
For female statues, the technical difficulty of depicting drapery proves to be the biggest obstacle
to achieving realism.…read more


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