Household Chores Phrases and Vocabulary

  • Ca prend longtemps - It takes a long time
  • En faisant ca - While doing
  • On peut bavarder ensemble- we can chat together
  • Je touve ca vraiment ennuyeux/barbant- I find it really boring

Complex setence structure: Action, opinion and reason for opinion.

For example:

J'aime ranger ma chambre parce que je n'aime pas le desordre - I like to clean my room because I don't like mess.

Je n'aime pas passer l'aspirateur car ca prend longtemps et je trove ca vraimnet barbant.- I don't like to do the vacum cleaning because it takes a long time and I find it really boring.

  • Equiquinant- annoying
  • Ca (ne) me gene pas- it doesn't bother me

Je n'aime pas faire la vaisselle car je n'aime pas me mouiller! - I don't like to wash up because I don't like getting wet!

  • J'aide ma mere en faisant la lessive- I help my mother by doing the washing.
  • Ca me plait de- it pleases me to
  • J'evite de + infin. - I avoid doing
  • Ca m'enerve- it annoys me
  • Je…




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