Homecoming Simon Armitage

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-4 stanzas of varying lengths

-verse is quite irregular, perhaps reflecting how relationships can be awkward and vary lots


-lots of colours mentioned - jacket is 'canary yellow', child sees red and blue murder is threatened. These are all primary colours, perhaps suggesting the child's memories are very vivid

-'model of a model of a mother'-does this mean in a pefect sense? Or perhaps she's a typical mothers (as if she's been produced in a factory)  or is it sarcastic?

-'Think, two things on their own and both at once '-command, tells us the poem will require thought, shows us that the trust exercise and row over the jacket, although different, can be linked. We…




A tip.

Print these out as a single document, give it to your teacher as teaching materials.

She'll not only thank you personally, but show you up in front of the class, with everyone clapping.

This way you'll get a universal idea of how good these notes really are.

And some criticisms from your class-mates of course.

Paul Dutton


A brief but very useful set of notes for this poem.

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